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Chimney Point

Blast from the Past: Historic Clock and Watches Afternoon

Green Mountain Timekeepers Society members are in residence on the Chimney Point porch to keep time while talking with us about the history of clocks and watches, and how they can be repaired. Bring your old clocks and watches, and learn more about your timepieces. At 2:00 PM experts will offer a talk on the history of pocket watches and Vermont clocks.

Guided Landscape Painting with Watercolor and Gouache

Artist Lillian Kennedy shows you how to stay fearless and serene during the creative process while you make a small Lake Champlain landscape painting. She explains the fundamentals and demonstrates options. You’ll have plenty of room for individual expression. Take home a painting and the skills to continue on your own. You will learn the tricks to make a painting kit that fits in a baggie that you can carry with you on all your travels. Workshop suitable for all skill levels from rank beginner to seasoned professional. Adults and children 10+. Class fee is $35 (all materials included). See also August 8. Pre-register by calling (802) 759-2412.

You Can’t Get There from Here: Stories from the Day the Bridge Closed

The Chimney Point, Vermont, and Crown Point, New York, sites present, on the 10th anniversary of the October 16, 2009, closing of the 1929 Lake Champlain Bridge, a day exploration of the rich history of the bridge area. In the morning at Chimney Point learn about the bridge project archaeological findings and talk with personages from the past. The afternoon at Crown Point includes a moderated panel discussion of stories and memories from the October 16, 2009, closing day and after, and reflections on the challenges and triumphs of the new bridge. Lunch included. Fee and program details to be announced. Pre-registration required, call (802) 759-2412.

Annual Northeastern Open Atlatl Championship

Participate in or watch this annual atlatl championship testing skills in accuracy and distance. The sport of using the atlatl to throw darts is based on the ancient hunting technique. Newcomers to experts welcome. Children’s activities. Workshops and demonstrations on crafts and skills from ancient to early Contact period times. Try your hand at stone tool-making (flint-knapping) and Woodland pottery. Learn how the colonists made fire. Call (802) 759-2412 to register.



Atlatl Workshop

Atlatl experts Bob and Cheryll Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl teach traditional and modern techniques of atlatl and dart construction, flint knapping, hafting stone points, and cordage making. Enjoy atlatl lore and coaching on the use of your new atlatl. Pre-registration required. Fee includes instruction and materials.

Cost: $70.00

Points of Interest: Lake Champlain Bridge Guided Walk

Learn the history of what surrounds you as you walk across the Lake Champlain Bridge. Chimney Point site administrator Elsa Gilbertson and Crown Point, NY, site friends group president Thomas Hughes lead this guided round trip walk. Meet at Chimney Point. Rain or shine, dress for the weather. Bring a picnic to enjoy before.

Cost: $8.00

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