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Ethan Allen Monument


A flamboyant frontiersman, daring military leader, land speculator, philosopher, prisoner of war and one of the founders of the State of Vermont, Ethan Allen dominates early Vermont history.  This monument marks the burial site of General Ethan Allen.  The monument was constructed in two phases, interrupted by the Civil War.  Resting on an eight foot granite base with marble tablets, the 35 foot tall Doric column was constructed in 1858 (believed to have been granite salvaged from the 1838 Vermont State House that had recently burned).  In 1873, an eight foot tall Carrara marble statue of Ethan Allen was placed on top to depict a youthful Allen in a strident pose demanding the surrender of Fort Ticonderoga. The statue was designed by the Boston sculptor Peter Stephenson.  The cast iron musket and cannon fence dates from 1872. The Ethan Allen Monument is located at the Greenmount Cemetery, Colchester Avenue, Burlington, VT.


Ethan Allen spent his later years on a 1,000 acre farm in the Burlington Intervale, which is now open as a historic site.  (Call 802-865-4556 for information.) After Allen’s death, he was buried in Burlington’s Greenmount Cemetery; nearby are other Allen family members.  Also, buried in this cemetery are the parents of First Lady Grace Goodhue Coolidge, who was born in Burlington and later married President Calvin Coolidge in her parent’s home at 312 Maple Street. 

Please respect Greenmount Cemetery, a cemetery owned and maintained by the City of Burlington. Parking is available along the cemetery drive. No restroom facilities.