The Library

Library:  This room was added onto the Homestead in 1859.  The original documents on this addition are in the library at Cornell University.  The upper portion of the stained glass window in the bay depicts the ruins of Holyrood Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The lower panel is likely an imaginary composite of a Gothic ruin.  The window was donated to Morrill in 1867 and was made in France of enameled glass.  The skylight is flashed glass etched with a flower design.  The window screen is a painted screen similar to those in the dining room.  On the table is a photograph of Morrill sitting in the room.  The photo was taken by a Boston newspaper in the 1890’s.  Also on the table is a photo album of the Washington, DC house at One Thomas Circle; the photos were taken in 1899 for the William Parker biography of Justin Morrill commissioned by Louise Swan.  That house was designed by Edward Clark, architect of the U.S. Capitol, and has since been demolished.  Also in the album are copies of Morrill’s original design for the Homestead.  The fireplace mantelpiece is slate painted to resemble marble.  Over the fireplace is an oval oil painting of the “Bridge of Maddalina at the Baths of Lucca and environs in Italy” presented to Morrill by George Perkins Marsh.  Also over the fireplace is a bow, arrow and quiver captured from the Cheyenne Indians and presented to James Morrill.  A letter is on the library table concerning this donation.  On the mantel is a plaster bust of Daniel Webster, and photographs of James Morrill and of Ruth Morrill.  The books in the library belonged to Morrill; more of his collection is in our Education Center.