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Making Morrill's Pink with Jennifer Brown and Katie Spencer

$45, For Adults and Teens


In the workshop, “Making Morrill’s Pink” we will take inspiration from the iconic pink shades of the Morrill Homestead, using natural dyes and watercolor paints. With natural materials like madder, loquat leaves, amaranth, cutch, and sumac, we will dye fabrics various shades of pink together. While the dye baths do their magic, we will turn to our water color paper and continue to study the color pink as well as its complement and analogous colors.

Pre-mordanted cotton bandanas will be provided for the dye portion of the class, but students are welcome to bring small natural fiber items or a skein of undyed yarn to experiment with. A materials list will be provided for the watercolor portion.

Katie is a natural dyer who works with plants foraged from the hills of Northern California and around the Upper Valley, where she grew up. She is passionate about using natural dyes to extend the life of clothes & fabrics that might otherwise be retired or thrown away. Jennifer teaches painting with watercolors at the Morrill Homestead and AVA gallery.

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