African Americans

African American Heritage TrailVermont African-American Heritage Trail

Vermont’s history is defined by its people. Native occupation dates back 10,000 years. Early settlers played important roles in establishing communities and powering pivotal Revolutionary War events. Citizens and soldiers supported the Union cause to establish freedom for all, and others went on to become civic leaders, Senators and U.S. Presidents whose worked secured opportunities envisioned during the Civil War era.

The history of Vermont’s first African Americans is less well known. This guide explores their lives and stories, as well as those of fellow Vermonters’ who worked for issues of equality and freedom. 

The trail takes you to Vermont museums and cultural sites where exhibits, films, tours and personal explorations will illuminate the lives of African Americans for whom the Green Mountain State was part of their identity. Others of these historic places chronicle eras, people and events significant to the journey of all African Americans.

You’ll meet teachers, storytellers, activists, ministers and legislators who made their homes in Vermont and made Vermont and the nation a better home for all.

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