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Curl up with a good book or pop in a great CD or DVD!  Satisfy your curiosity about times past or learn more about our own place and time!  The gift shops at the Bennington Battle Monument, President Calvin Coolidge, Chimney Point, Hubbardton Battlefield, and Mount Independence State Historic Sites offer a wide and appealing selection of books and other media for all ages about our history, Vermont, nature, and more.  Following is a sampling of what you will find.

Children's book selections

Bennington Battle Monument

Book, Ethan Allen & The Capture of Fort TiconderogaEthan Allen and the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga: America’s First Victory

In this comprehensive look at “America’s First Victory,” Richard Smith traces the Patriots’ route from Connecticut, through the towns of western Massachusetts and the Berkshire hills and north to Bennington, Vermont, and Lake Champlain. He chronicles the rival expedition led by Benedict Arnold, his confrontation with Allen and the surprise attack that changed the course of the American Revolution. (Smith, Richard) - $19.99

Book, The Battle of BenningtonBattle of Bennington:  Soldiers & Civilians

Historian Michael P. Gabriel has collected over fifty firsthand accounts from the people who experienced the engagement of the Battle of Bennington, fought on August 16, 1777.  He includes veterans from the American and British sides, as well as civilians—women and children who witnessed the horrors of the battle. First hand accounts give readers a "you are there" experience.  Gabriel also details a virtually unknown skirmish between Americans and Loyalists. (Gabriel, Michael P.) - $19.99

Book, The Revolutionary War in Bennington CountyThe Revolutionary War in Bennington County: A History and Guide
Richard B. Smith takes readers through the famed covered bridges, historic taverns and quaint villages of Bennington County, Vermont, which in the American Revolution, played a vital role in leading our country toward Independence. Looking at these historic buildings and structures is a fascinating, three-dimensional way to learn about our past.  Enjoy a road trip or armchair traveling along the historic roads of Bennington County.  (Smith, Richard B.) - $19.99

President Calvin Coolidge

Coolidge AutobiographyThe Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge

This is considered one of the finest presidential memoirs and is a must read.  At the end of his career Coolidge looks back at his life, with an extensive section on is childhood days in Plymouth Notch to his philisophical approach to being a politician.  There are many poetic passages, including the description of his mother, his home of Plymouth Notch and life in the country, how he felt about his wife Grace.  (Coolidge, Calvin) - $22.00

Return to These Hills BookReturn To These Hills: Calvin Coolidge in Vermont

This 1998 book by Vermont authors, with a foreward by John Coolidge, son of President Coolidge, and an introduction by Howard Coffin, is an examination of Vermont’s influence on Calvin Coolidge and how it shaped his life and philosophy. The book includes many historic photographs over the course of his life, including many from Plymouth Notch.  (Curtis, Jane and Will and Lieberman, Frank) - $17.95

Your Son, Calvin CoolidgeYour Son, Calvin Coolidge

A wide selection of Calvin Coolidge’s letters to his father, over the course of Calvin's lifetime, including the last letter he wrote to his father.  This makes for fascinating reading.  Some letters are very matter of fact, others ask for his father's advice, some are profound, and together they paint an intimate portrait of Coolidge and his relationship with his father.  Equalling fasincating are the extensive and informative footnotes. (Lathem, Edward Connery, ed.) - $15.00

Chimney Point


Book, The Original VermontersThe Original Vermonters: Native Inhabitants, Past and Present

The history of Vermont’s first inhabitants, from the earliest times to today, with many archaeological discoveries and evidence of this rich history. It is written for the general reader, but is of interest to scholars also.  This book provides the physical evidence to show the story of the Native inhabitants, from 12,000 years ago to today. Photographs show a wide range of objects, such as stone tools (projectile points to scrapers, cutting tools, and more), and a wide variety of objects made from shell, metal and other materials.  (Haviland, William A. and Power, Marjory W.) - $27.95

 The Lake Between Special EditionChamplain: The Lake Between Special Edition

This special edition of Champlain: The Lake Between, includes the one hour, Emmy-award winning documentary film of that name, bonus footage, and a Classroom Connections CD-ROM with learning activities and additional resources.  The film colorfully explores the region and its people before the arrival of Frenchman Samuel de Champlain in 1609, and the interactions between the Native Peoples and the Europeans up through the end of the French and Indian War.  (Thompson, Caro, film maker and Lake Champlain Voyages of Discovery project) - $19.95 

Book, French Occupation of the Champlain ValleyThe French Occupation of the Champlain Valley from 1609 to 1759

First published in 1938 in the Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society with later additions, this book is the best 20th century history of the 150 years of French dominion in northern Vermont and New York. Learn about the time when this part of Vermont and New York was New France, the importance of Lake Champlain, the French forts and settlements, and the many French people who were here, from soldiers, to traders, priests, and civilians. Pair it with Lake Champlain Voyages of Discovery: Bringing History Home for the latest research,  (Coolidge, Guy O.) - $19.00

Lake Champlain Voyages of DiscoveryLake Champlain Voyages of Discovery:  Bringing History Home

The most recent history of the Chimney Point area from Native American habitation through the French and Indian War period.  This publication presents the results of the 2007-2009 study Chimney Point and the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation did in this area, in partnership with the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes, Vermont, and Vermont Public Television. (Peebles, Giovanna; Gilbertson, Elsa; Cyr, Rosemary A.; Scharoun, Stephen R.; Cowie, Ellen R., and Bartone, Robert N.) - $4.72

Book, The People of New FranceThe People of New France

This short social history of New France covers the many people who lived here, life on the land, the urban landscape, women, beyond Canada, and the fall of New France between 1758-1760.  What you want to know in a nutshell.  Find out why the French divided land to be settled in thin strips along waterways, so each parcel had waterfront.  Learn about French methods of farming, settlement patterns, .  (Greer, Allan) - $17.95

Book, New Worlds for AllNew Worlds for All

This book, a collection of essays by the author, reveals the history of the "New World" when the Native people and the Europeans met, and the vibrant new cultures they created out of these interactions.  It includes insightful period images and is one of many excellent books by the author on Native American history.  (Calloway, Colin G.) - $19.95

CD, Songs of the VoyageursSongs of the Voyaguers

Thrill to the songs the voyageurs, the French canoe men of the North American fur trade, sang as they paddled over rivers and lakes. Singing helped them set the pace.  The CD has 12 musical performances.  Also included is a 48 page booklet with words to the songs and more. (Blegen, Theodore C.) - $16.95

The Historic Architecture of Vermont: Guide to Vermont Architecture 

This short guide provides the basic information, with photographs, on the most popular historic architectural styles in Vermont and a helpful glossary of architectural terms. With this, you can go out and identify the most common historic architectural styles in the state.  (Vermont Division for Historic Preservation) - $3.00


Birdwatching in Vermont

This helpful and comprehensive guide shows experts and novices alike where, when, and how to watch birds in Vermont. It covers the distribution and seasonal presence of birds in the state, descriptions and maps showing over 120 birdwatching areas.  Learn about the 296 most common bird species in the state, as well as some of the rare birds.  Get hooked on the joy of birding. (Murin, Ted and Pfeiffer, Bryan) -19.95

Wildflowers of Vermont 

These two special guides have color photographs and identification information on Vermont’s shrubs and vines and wildflowers.  With a special plastic protective cover, they fit right in your jeans pocket and are perfect for bringing along on your walk through the fields and forests of Vermont.  (Carter, Kate) - Both $15.95

Hubbardton Battlefield

Book, Burgoyne & The Saratoga CampaignBurgoyne & The Saratoga Campaign: His Papers

This recent book includes the exciting finds of unpublished papers gathered by British Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne as he prepared to defend his 1777 Northern Campaign actions in a parliamentary investigation and an extensive introduction by the editor and author about Burgoyne's leadership in that campaign. This book does much to further illuminate the American Revolution's Saratoga campaign.  (Cubbison, Douglas) - $45.00

Book, SaratogaSaratoga

This book tells the gripping story of the 1777 Northern Campaign of the American Revolution and the British invasion from Canada, with voices from the American, British, and German points of view. Meet a colorful cast of characters.  It includes the important role of Mount Independence, and battles of Hubbardton and Bennington, and ultimately the decisive American victory against British Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne at Saratoga.  The author has written many other books on the Revolutionary War. (Ketchum, Richard M.) - $21.99

Book, Soldier of the American RevolutionSoldier of the American Revolution: A Visual Reference

This colorful book has dozens of photographs of reenactors who authentically portray what soldier in the American Revolution, what they carried, and why. See what everyday life was for the soldiers who fought and won American Independence.  This is a fine resource for visual learners of all ages.  The images bring written history to life--seeing is believing!  (Hambucken, Denis and Payson, Bill) - $10.95

Book, The Packet VThe Packet V

The fifth in a series of highly informative publications that provide information and how-tos on clothing, music, food, encampments, and much much more during the American Revolution.  Learn how to knit authentic mittens and hats from the time, whittle the perfect tent peg, and make a cartridge case. Plenty of illustrations bring this material culture to life.  (Tully, Mark) - $10.00

Songs of the American Revolution CDSongs of the American Revolution CD

This lively CD for children, but really enjoyable for everyone, has many songs that were sung during the American Revolution.  The words are very clear so before long, you'll be singing along too. (Mimi & Sibyl) - $4.95

Mount Independence


Book, Mount IndependenceMount Independence: The Enduring Legacy of a Unique Place

The author, a Mount Independence caretaker many years ago, president of the historic site's friends group, and editor of the friends newsletter, provides an excellent overview of the history of Mount Independence and a personal guide to exploring the Mount.  This is currently the best book to learn about Mount Independence in a nutshell.  One short section is on Jeduthan Baldwin, chief American engineer of Mount Independence, and Zeoli's successful search for his grave.  In the back is a helpful list of references.  (Zeoli, Stephen) -$10.00

Book, A dirty, trifling piece of businessA dirty, trifling piece of business

This is one of many in-depth books by Gavin K. Watt that explore aspects of the American Revolution's Northern Campaign.  This is about the war as was fought from Canada in 1781.  Canadian governor Frederick Haldimand ordered a series of raids and expeditions to the south, in the Mohawk and Schoarie valleys and south on Lake Champlain, as well as engaging in secret negotiations with Vermont.  Extensive research and skillful analysis come together in these exciting studies.  (Watt, Gavin K.) - $35.00

Book, The 1776-1777 Northern CampaignThe 1776-1777 Northern Campaigns of the American War for Independence and Their Sequel

This book, a labor of love for the authors, presents many maps of the Northern Campaign, primarily German in origin, and extensive description and analysis.  These thrilling maps vividly show the Champlain and Hudson Valleys, and Canada, in great detail. Of special interest to Mount Independence are several maps showing the British and German occupation from July to November 1777. (Barker, Thomas M. and Huey, Paul R.) - $49.00


Vermont birds and wildlife nature guidesVermont Birds and Vermont Wildlife Pocket Nature Guides

These handy guides offer color illustrations and identifications of the most common Vermont birds and wildlife.  Bring them on your walks; they really do fit in your pocket. - $5.95