Old Constitution Books

The following books are available at the Vermont Historical Society and/or many town libraries and local historical societies.

The Natural and Political History of the State of Vermont

Ira Allen, brother of Ethan, was one of early Vermont's foremost politicians and a founder of the University of Vermont.  He wrote The Natural and Political History of Vermont nine years after Ethan’s death in an attempt to restore his reputation and help extricate himself from his legal problems with the British.  It provides the earliest account of the Windsor Convention and the adoption of Vermont's Constitution. (Allen, Ira. 1798.)

Windsor Heritage: Birthplace of Vermont’s Constitution and Industry

A comprehensive history of the town of Windsor, Vermont depicting many buildings, houses and people, accompanied by descriptive text. Illustrated with black and white photos. (Conlin, Katherine E. Taftsville, Vermont: The Countryman Press, 1975.)

Vermont, An Illustrated History

This is a large, lavishly illustrated history of Vermont from the Ice Age through the 20th century. It also includes short histories of current VT corporations. Illustrated with photos and reproductions from various collections. Duffy was a Vermont State College professor. (Duffy, John., Northridge, California: Windsor Publications Inc., 1985.)

The Natural and Civil History of Vermont

This is the earliest full-length history of the State of Vermont, and it proved to be an extremely important source for later scholars.  Williams was a Congregational minister, Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Harvard, and was the founder and co-publisher the Rutland Herald newspaper. (Williams, Samuel., Walpole, New Hampshire: Printed by Isaiah Thomas & David Carlisle, Jr., 1794.)