South Chamber / Child's Room

South Chamber or Child’s Room: The spool furniture in this room was made in the Hatch bedstead factory in Strafford.  There is a printed patent name for Hatch and the date 1857 on the bed springs.  The red “dress” on the bed was worn by son James.  In the nineteenth century children until the age of six or so wore unisex clothing.  The chimney in the room served not only the Parlor fireplace and the wood stove in the Back Parlor but also stoves in the three bedrooms on this side of the house.  The baby observation window, allowing one to check on the sleeping child from the hallway without disturbing the child, is original and is on Morrill’s house plans.  The grain painting on the woodwork is a restoration.  The room would have originally been carpeted like the other rooms on the second floor.

Photo Credit: Mary Louise Pierson