The Hallway

Hallway:   Justin Morrill’s original landscape design is on the wall in the hallway.  The Gothic woodwork in the hallway is butternut, a local hardwood tree that is easy to work.   Albert West, a cousin and one of two contractors for the house, is believed to have built the staircase.  The other contractor was Israel B. Clark.  The diamond pane windows flanking the front door are “flash glass” which is clear glass flashed on one side with colored glass during the manufacturing process.  The Griffons at the base of the side lights are a nice touch and illustrated in the early Arno book on Gothic architecture in Morrill’s library.  On the small table to the right of the door is a scrapbook with calling cards the Morrills received in their Washington, DC home.  The large Howard banjo clock is original to the house and was returned in 2002.