Top Picks for Kids

Bennington Battle Monument State Historic Site

  • Look for fossils of crustaceans on the stone blocks of the Monument.

  • ​You’ve heard about marbles and jacks but have you ever played an old time game called ‘graces’? Ask the site interpreter about rolling hoop, cup and ball and other activities that were played on the lawn.

  • Join us on August 17th for the Kids Fun Race around Monument Circle. How long do you think it will take you to run or walk the near ¼ mile distance?

  • Name the three states you can see from the top of the Monument. How far away are these states from where you stand?

  • Find the giant cook kettle in the Monument. What do you think the soliders had for dinner?

Chimney Point State Historic Site

  • Learn how to use an atlatl (Native American dart thrower) from the site interpreter.  What an interesting tool to increase the speed of a dart.  Today’s ball throwers use the very same design principle. 

  • Stroll across the Lake Champlain Bridge to set foot in New York.  Imagine what this journey over Lake Champlain would have been like without this modern bridge! Can you picture yourself in an early rowboat or aboard the horse ferry?

  • Try the “Build your own Bridge” activity.  Figure out how to span Lake Champlain using the building blocks and logs.  

Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site

  • Look closely at the Hubbardton Battle Monument to identify what is carved on one side of the shaft (the top part of the monument).

  • Solve the riddles in the Hubbardton Battlefield History Mystery Hunt

  • Try on the Revolutionary War clothing and imagine yourself in battle fighting the British under Lt. General John Burgoyne!

Justin Morrill State Historic Site

  • Explore the grounds of this Victorian era estate by following the clues to the Valley Quest. 

  • Walk the Colburn Trail that goes through the hayfield and hillside next to the Morrill Homestead. Climb to the overlook to see the upper village of Strafford and the surrounding hills, small stream and open pasturelands that frame the compact village center. In the 19th century almost everyone had a horse and a cow so this pastureland was extremely important to the well-being of the animals. Enter the trail by the Morrill Ice House.

Mount Independence State Historic Site

  • Check out the Children’s Discovery Corner in the museum.  Look into the soldier’s “haversack” and what’s inside, and try on the clothes in the Revolutionary War trunk.

  • Don’t miss the History Mystery Scavenger Hunt.  Explore the trails on the site with your parents for clues and answers.  

Old Constitution House State Historic Site

  • Discover all sorts of interesting things in the collection! There’s a large wheeled bicycle (why do you think they called it a “bone shaker”?), Revolutionary War artifacts (such as a cartridge case, and cannon ball and grape shot from Mount Independence), Windsor’s original town charter (why does it say for “Windsor, New York?) and more. Can you find the first tuba made in the United States?
  • History comes alive with programs organized by 18th century reenactor Carl Malikowski.  Watch how they did things in the old days: cooking, woodworking, powder horn carving, and more!  You’ll learn about old-time farm chores, how to design a tumbling blocks quilt, how to inspect and age a 150 year old tree slab and find the rings that correspond with important dates in American history and the list goes on. See events calendar for dates. 

  • Explore Paradise Park & Lake Runnemede walking trails.  Access to this trail system is immediately behind the Old Constitution House. 

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

  • Meet Farmer Fred on Wednesday afternoons. Spend an afternoon with Fred DePaul who demonstrates historic farming activities such as sheep shearing, grain flailing, log cutting, and wagon rides.  Mark your calendar for this fun event every Wednesday during the 2013 season, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.   

  • “Thursday Mornings at the Old Notch School.”  Visit our 1890 one-room schoolhouse and enjoy displays and activities for all ages such as experiencing old-time farm chores, designing a tumbling block quilt and learning how to tell the age of a tree. What kind of farm tools do you think Calvin used as a boy to help out around the homestead? Every Thursday during the 2013 season, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.  

  • Try your skill with the site’s three quests: 

Coolidge Quest: A Treasure Hunt at the Boyhood Home of the 30th U.S. President
Coolidge Homestead Search
Wilder Barn Riddles

  • Join the fun!  Children’s activities are offered at our major special events: wagon rides, hands-on sheep shearing, late 19th century games, corn husk doll making, face painting, flower pressing, paper quilling, holiday crafts, and more!  See events calendar for dates.
  • Talk to President Coolidge to understand the life and times through the new highly interactive exhibit: “More Than Two Words”: The Life and Legacy of Calvin Coolidge. Ask President Coolidge a question and hear his answer!

President Chester Arthur State Historic Site

  • The Fairfield Elementary School has designed and laid out a trail through the woods and wetlands next to the reconstructed home of Chester Arthur.  Bring your notebook and keep a record of the various trees, shrubs, plants and wildlife you see along the wooded trail.