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Toys, Trinkets, Coins & Collections

What better way to remember your child’s visit to Vermont’s State Historic sites than with a special “show and tell” souvenir! Our museum gift shops specialize in the traditional toys and games of the past along with quality up-to-date items that are guaranteed to please all ages. 

Bennington Battle Monument State Historic Site

Rock and Mineral Collections

An eclectic assortment of lucky rocks, geodes, calcite, crystals, fossils and more!


The biggest confection of chocolate, caramel and almonds, or cashews ever, made locally and guaranteed fresh.  Eat one and your prize is a ‘I am a Vermonster’ sticker.

Reproduction Coins

Single coins or coin sets representing early American coinage are a collector’s dream. These made in Vermont sets include six distinctive coins; available in velvet bags or matted with the history of each coin highlighted.

Reproduction Historic Documents

Replicas of history’s most important documents from the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution and other vital papers. Printed on parchment paper, these documents actually look authentic and dated to the period.

Miniature Cannons and Rifles

Made in the USA by Penncraft, the array of field cannons, naval cannons and mortars, along with long rifles, colonial keys, sun dials and porringers is extensive. Made of high quality materials, these miniatures will last for generations.


Show your patriotic spirit with a collection of Colonial and State flags. Mounted and sold singly and/or in sets, each flag is 2” x 4”.  Flags are a great collection starter for children.

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

Wooden Toys - From Yo-Yo’s to Train Whistles and more! 

Maple Landmark of Middlebury, VT is known worldwide for its eco-friendly, educational wooden toys.  Custom designed with the 1777 Vermont State Seal, this hardwood yo-yo is available at all the sites’ shops. For music lovers, the four-tone train whistle is available at the Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site and sounds just like the real thing!

Vermont Puzzle Postcard

Send a special greeting to your friends and family!  Just write your message on the back of the puzzle postcard, take it apart, and then mail the pieces in the envelope.  The recipient then assembles the postcard to read your message! 

“Historian” the Moose

This cuddly stuffed toy moose sports a bright green t-shirt that reads: VT History Where It Happened.  Machine washable.  “Historian” is available at all the sites’ shops in a variety of children's sizes.

Chimney Point State Historic Site

Game of Graces

In the 1800s girls played “Game of Graces” for exercise and to teach elegance of movement.  It was considered suitable for boys to join in too.  Players used crossed sticks to send decorated hoops in the air for their partner to catch with their paired sticks.  Try it out at Chimney Point and the Bennington Monument. You’ll have so much fun you’ll want to bring the game home.

Quill Pen

There were no ballpoint pens or computer tablets during the American Revolution!  People wrote with goose quill pens dipped in ink made from soot or plant juices and water.  When the quill tip got dull, they fashioned a new tip with a sharp knife.  These packages contain an authentic quill pen and powder to make your own ink.

Hubbardton Battlefield and Mount Independence State Historic Sites

Green Mountain Boys Patch

Made just for the Vermont State Historic Sites, the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont patch features a flag with a field of green and 13 scattered stars in a blue canton. Today this same patch is proudly worn by the Vermont National Guard.  Sew a patch on your parka or backpack!

Wild Animal Walking Sticks

On your trail walks at Mount Independence and the Hubbardton Battlefield you might see interesting birds and wild animals.  The tops of these carved wooden walking sticks are ornamented with woodland animals and birds.



Originally whirligigs were made of very thin coins or used, hammered-down musket balls, with two holes near the middle for the string.   Twirl as fast as you can and when it is wound up, let go and hear the whirring sound.  How fast can you make it spin?