Kids Books

Books are a great and fun way for children to visit another place and time, and learn more about our history too.  Here's a sampling of suggested books for young readers.  Many more titles are available in the museum shops. 

Native Americans and the First Europeans
American Revolutionary War Period
Vermont’s United States Presidents
Vermont Becomes a Republic and Vermont Statehood Period

Native Americans and the First Europeans

These books are available at the Chimney Point gift shop.

The Arrow Over the Door
A historic fiction book for youth about the summer of 1777, after the Battle of Bennington, and two boys--Stands Straight, an Abenaki scouting for the British, and American Samuel Russell, whose family is in the path of war.  The two boys meet in an encounter in the Quaker meetinghouse where Samuel and his family worship.  This book is based on a true story.  (Bruchac, Joseph) - $4.99 

Written for ages 7 - 10.

The Winter People

A historic fiction book for youth about the 1759 raid on an Abenaki village during the French and Indian War.  Saxso, a 14 year old Abenaki boy, has to use his wits to find the raiders and rescue his mother and two sisters, who were taken hostage in the raid.  Can he find them before it is too late?  (Bruchac, Joseph) - $5.99 

Written for ages 8 - 12.

American Revolutionary War Period

These books are available at the Bennington Battle Monument, Hubbardton Battlefield, and Mount Independence gift shops.

Uniforms of the American Revolution Coloring BookUniforms of the American Revolution Coloring Book

Get out your crayons or colored pencils.  Learn about all the uniforms worn by soldiers on both sides of the American Revolution.This coloring book contains thirty-one drawings illustrating a wide range of what soldiers and others on both sides wore during the American Revolution.  (Copeland, Peter F.) - $3.95

Written for ages 12 and up.

Can't You Make Behave King GeorgeCan't You Make Them Behave King George?

A colorful story for young readers about King George III and his role in the American Revolution. It's not easy being king!  How did shy King George get involved in this war?  How did he become an enemy to Americans?  Great story for young readers, and adults will enjoy it too!  (Fritz, Jean) - $6.99

Written for ages 7 - 11.

Captive of Pittsford Ridge BookCaptive of Pittsford Ridge, Shelburne, VT

A historic fiction book for youth about young Joshua Freeman and his experiences during 1777 and the time of the American soldier’s withdrawing from Mount Independence and the Battle of Hubbardton. Wonderful book to imagine what it was like for children in Vermont to all of a sudden have the war for American Independence come to their homes.  (Ovecka, Janice) - $10.95

Written for ages 8 - 12.

Betsy the Colonial Girl Sticker Book

Dress this demure little colonial girl in charming costumes perfect for home, garden, and special dress-up events. Fun little activity book to enjoy again and again, and think how today's clothes are so much different than they were in the 1770s.  23 full-color reusable stickers. (Noble, Marty) - $1.50

Written for ages 5 -10.

Old-Time American Flag Stickers

The Stars and Stripes has achieved an all-time high in visibility and these colorful stickers — with an accent on the reds, whites, and blues — will help keep it on display. Old Glory never looked lovelier than in these 20 historic images from rare old-time periodicals. (Grafton, Carol Belanger - Editor) - $1.50

Written for ages 5 and up.

The Revolutionary Soldier, 1775-1783

The text and illustrations combine to present a vivid picture of the Continental soldier as a living man - from the clothes he wore, gear he carried, and personal items he used to the food he cooked, weapons he bore, medical supplies he relied on, and religious beliefs in which he found solace. (Wilber, C. Keith) - $14.95

Written for ages 10 and up.

Vermont’s United States Presidents—Chester Arthur and Calvin Coolidge

The following books are available at the President Coolidge Site gift shops.  

A Coloring Book of Our Presidents

Presidents Color BookImages to color and short biographies and quotes of the Presidents from George Washington through Barack Obama. Look for President Chester Alan Arthur, born in Fairfield, Vermont, and President Calvin Coolidge, born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont! Can you see how clothing styles change over time?  (Bellerophon Books) -$4.95

Written for ages 10 and up.

America's First Ladies Coloring Book

This coloring book includes images to color and short biographies of First Ladies Martha Washington through Michelle Obama. First Lady Grace Coolidge was born in Burlington, Vermont, and was considered one of the most stylish and gracious first ladies.  Color and learn at the same time!  (Franz, Leslie) - $3.95

Written for ages 10 and up.

How to Draw the Life and Times of Calvin Coolidge

This interesting book combines an excellent biography of Calvin Coolidge, with drawing activities featuring major events in Coolidge’s life and objects from the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site collection. (Johansen, Heidi Leigh) - $25.25

Written for ages 10 -13.

Growing Up in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, 1872-1895

This mini-biography of Calvin Coolidge’s life focuses on his boyhood in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.  Learn about what young Calvin did for chores, what he did for fun, and about his family.  (Thompson, Sally - Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, 1972) - $1.95

Written for ages 8 - 14

Great Fashion Designs of the Twenties: Paper Dolls in Full Color

This paper doll book includes two fashionable young women dolls with the choice of thirty  colorful dresses of the 1920s, when Calvin Coolidge was president, by famous fashion designers such as Chanel and Poiret. President Calvin Coolidge enjoyed seeing his wife, First Lady Grace Coolidge, wear stylish dresses and hats.  Tres chic! (Tierney, Tom) - $6.95

Written for ages 10 and up.

How to Draw the Life and Times of Chester A. Arthur (Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America)

This fact-filled book will provide your students with biographical information about President Chester Alan Arthur, who was born in Fairfield, Vermont, graduated from Union College, became a laywer, New York Quartermaster General during the Civil War, and eventually U.S. Vice-President and then President.  Students will learn to draw the iconic symbols of his life and times. (Criscione, Rachel Damon) - $27.00

Written for ages 10 - 13.

Vermont Becomes a Republic and Vermont Statehood Period

Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.  Revolution, Rights and Rules: A Student’s Guide to the Vermont Constitution. Montpelier.  An excellent resource for young readers about Vermont’s formative years and the 1777 Constitution.   

The following are available from the Vermont Historical Society

The Girls Own BookThe Girl's Own Book

Published in 1833, this book of entertainment for young girls is filled with activities to build character and have fun.  These activities are fun to do today too.  How are games and activities of the past different than what young girls might like to do today?  Reprinted in 2000. (Child, Maria)

Written for ages 8 -14.

Boys Own BookThe Boy's Own Book

Published in 1829, this is a guide for boys’ entertainment from the days before modern technology.  Enjoy trying these activities today!  Reprinted in 2000. (Clarke, William)

Written for ages 8 - 14.

Colonial Days: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities and Recipes

Spend a year with a family living in the Massachusetts colony in 1732. What did children do all day?  Learn how they helped with family chores and activities, what kinds of games they played, and what they ate.  (King, David C.)

Written for ages 7 - 10.