Vermont’s State Historic Sites offer an array of amenities to add convenience, enjoyment and fun to our guest’s visits to our many sites. From convenient parking and clean, accessible restrooms to gift shops, hiking trails, photography opportunities and friendly, helpful staff, we want to ensure you have a memorable and educational experience.

Each site has a variety of hiking trails, refreshments and services to enhance your visit. All our sites feature:

  • Free Parking: Conveniently located near each site.
  • Handicapped Parking: Available for those with disabilities.
  • RV and Motorcoach Parking: Considering a large family reunion or group tour? All of our sites have RV and motorcoach parking or pull off areas available.
  • Accessible Restrooms: With the exception of Chester Arthur State Historic Site which has no facilities, all of our sites offer wheel chair accessible restrooms.
  • Picnic Tables: Extend your time at the sites by bringing snacks, lunch or late afternoon wine and cheese to share in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Picnic tables are available or find a quiet spot under a tree and spread out your feast on a blanket.
  • Seating Areas: Want to reflect on an interesting fact or exhibit? Or just take in the atmosphere, close your eyes and use your imagination to step back in time? The sites offer a variety of seating options, from natural ‘benches’ and rock walls to relaxing porch rocking chairs.
  • Walking Trails: Want to burn off some of the kid’s energy or soak up the sun? There are walking trails throughout all of our sites, many with interpretative signage. Stroll at a leisurely pace, or step out and about with purpose.
  • Dogs Welcome on Grounds and Trails: Dogs are welcome on the grounds and trails of Vermont’s state historic sites when accompanied by their owner, and on a leash.  Only service animals are allowed inside the buildings. Dog owners are required to pick up after their pets and properly dispose of their waste.
  • Convenient Payment Methods: Cash, personal check or credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) are accepted at our larger sites for admission and Gift Shop purchases. Justin Morrill, President Chester A. Arthur and Old Constitution House State Historic Sites accept cash or personal check only.
  • Helpful and Friendly Site Staff: Have a question about an artifact in a case? Want to know more about the unusual looking carriage? Wondering where to go for dinner? Our staff and volunteers are willing and able to help answer your questions, provide more information or point you to other great Vermont attractions in the area.

For site specific amenities beyond those available at all the sites, see below for details.

Bennington Battle Monument State Historic Site

  • Gift Shop: offers an eclectic mix sure to please all ages. From toy soldiers and military collectibles, to souvenir apparel and Vermont maple syrup, you will find it here.
  • Other Amenities:
    • Vending Machines
    • Water fountains
    • Mutt Mitts: Pet clean up stations offer bags to help ‘pick up’ after your furry friend.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-447-0550.

President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site

  • Gift Shops: Two gift shops are available for your shopping pleasure. Want to know more about our 30th President? Choose from a wide selection of biographies. The Museum and Education Center offers a range of items from quality Vermont-made products to books, jewelry and custom made items.  Step back into an old fashion country store when you visit the Cilley Store. Stock up on local jams and jellies, puzzles for the kids or a gift for a friend and craft items while you admire the display counters hand made by Calvin when he was a boy helping his father in the store.

  • Wilder House Restaurant: Offers a delicious selection of home-made soups, salads, sandwiches and dessert sure to give you the energy to continue to explore the site. Serving breakfast and lunch seven days a week when the site is open.

  • Plymouth Cheese Factory: Watch cheese being made and taste test the final product seven days a week when the Historic Site is open.

  • Walking Trails: There are two walking trails for you to enjoy – the East Meadow Nature Trail and the Old Cellar Walking Trail. Trail maps are available in boxes at the beginning of each trail.

  • Other Amenities:

    • All buildings are ADA compliant

    • Vending Machine

    • Beautiful Vistas: You’ll revel in the views of every direction.  The President’s son, John Coolidge, always considered the view from the village center looking towards East Mountain one of the best in the state.  Whether it’s fall foliage season or the height of summer, the meadow and hillside with its walking trail always offers a beautiful vantage point of the hamlet of Plymouth Notch.

    • Great Photography Opportunities:  The historic buildings, in their original settings, show the best of Vermont as it appeared in the late 1920’s. People are always fascinated by the horse drawn vehicles in the Wilder Horse Barn and by the large variety of agricultural equipment in the Wilder Cow Barn.  Of particular interest to photographers are the winter mail carrier, the Concord Stage Coach and the winter and summer hearses.  The original Gulf gas pump in front of the Cilley Store, showing the price of gasoline in 1923, is a favorite place to have your picture taken. 

    • Relaxing on the Porch: Whether the Cilley Store or the front porch of the Coolidge Homestead, just as the President and his family did, allow yourself time to dream away the worries of the 21st century.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-672-3773.

Chimney Point State Historic Site

  • Gift Shop: Known for the wide selection of books on Native American and early French History, the Gift Shop at Chimney Point is a reader’s paradise.

  • Chimney Point History Trail: Take an informative stroll around the grounds and learn more about the early inhabitants and how this was a strategic location over the course of history.

  • The Porch: Make sure you take time to sit on the rocking chairs on the wrap-around porch and gaze out on Lake Champlain and the new bridge.

  • Other Amenities:

    • Beautiful Vistas: The overview of the ruins at the Crown Point New York State Historic Site as seen from the Chimney Point porch and the Lake Champlain Bridge are unsurpassed. The graceful profile of the new award-winning Lake Champlain Bridge as seen from Chimney Point, views north and south of Lake Champlain, the Adirondack Mountain range, and the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse in Crown Point, NY are all a viewers paradise.

    • Great Photography Opportunities: Some of our suggestions for great photographs include the Champlain Memorial Lighthouse as seen from the porch at Chimney Point; the new Lake Champlain Bridge; the Lake Champlain valley and the migrating birds passing over Lake Champlain and swooping down to catch a fish from the Lake can be an exciting experience and wonderful photograph.

  • Boat Access: at the foot of the Chimney Point driveway is a boat access for fishermen and pleasure boats.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-759-2412.

Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site

  • Gift Shop: Books for all ages on the Revolutionary War along with period games and reproductions items are all available in this gift shop.

  • Hubbardton Battlefield Trail: stroll along the mown grass trail and stop to read the interpretive signs pointing out key locations of the battle.

  • Other Amenities:

    • Beautiful Vistas: Enjoy the expansive view of the Taconic and Adirondack Mountain Range from the battlefield. Climb up Mount Zion and overlook the battlefield and see the military road taken by the retreating Colonial forces and the pursuing British. 

    • Great Photography Opportunities: Birds, such as Bobolinks and Bluebirds, found nesting at the Battlefield provide opportunities for naturalists and photographers alike. Landscapes to consider snapping include the views from the Battlefield of the surrounding mountain ranges which appear much as they did in 1777.  During the annual July Revolutionary War encampment there are many opportunities to photograph “living history” from the 1777 period.

    • Hubbardton Battlefield Wildlife Management Area:  offers an opportunity to experience nature and is a great place to hunt during the various hunting seasons.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-759-2412.

Mount Independence State Historic Site

  • Gift Shop: A wide selection of books offers further insight into the American Revolution’s Northern Campaign, Vermont History and natural history. Be sure to stock up on snacks, water and bug spray before you head out on the trails.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Trail - Baldwin Trail: This 1.6 mile trail has compacted surfaces and gentle grades and offers two Lake Champlain overlooks, a storehouse, blockhouses and so much more to discover. Three other non-wheelchair accessible trails are also available to explore the area and learn more about the Revolutionary War.

  • Nature Exploration: Interested in learning more about the local flora and fauna of the area? While you are out exploring our trails, see how many birds or wildflowers you can check off our list.

  • Other Amenities:

    • Beautiful Vista: All the trails provide wonderful views of Lake Champlain and the Champlain Valley.  The view of Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Defiance, across the Lake from Mount Independence, shows the significance of the two fortifications on the Lake.  

    • Great Photography Opportunities: The views of Lake Champlain, the archaeological foundations and traces of the Revolutionary War cantonment offer unusual and thought provoking photographs.  The many wild flowers at the site are a nature lover’s delight. The September “Soldier’s Atop The Mount” encampment is like stepping back in time and provides opportunities for you and your family to relive history and take back photographic memories.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-759-2412.

Old Constitution House State Historic Site

  • Walking Trail: Take a stroll around  the site on the walking trail around Runnymede Lake.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-672-3773.

Morrill Homestead State Historic Site

  • Flower Gardens: Take a walk through the gardens designed by Justin Morrill in the best tradition of the romantic Picturesque landscape movement. Much of the plants you see today survived from plantings done by Morrill in 1852 and 1853.

  • Other Amenities:

    • Beautiful Vistas: The Colburn Trail goes through a pasture and up a hillside to an overlook of the upper village of Strafford.  A walk up to the Ice Pond overlooks the Morrill property offering a fine view of the grouping of buildings.  By strolling through Morrill’s apple orchard you will find another view of the upper village of Strafford.

    • Great Photography Opportunities: The architectural details on the Homestead are highlighted by the interaction of the sun and shadows. The five painted window screens will amaze you and your friends with their intricate detail.  The flower beds on the front ornamental lawn are beautifully arranged in a variety of shapes and very colorful for photographers. The cutting garden behind the Homestead is always changing with period and experimental planting from the University of Vermont.  The views of the upper village of Strafford with the background of the surrounding hillsides as seen from the Colburn Trail are vintage Vermont.  And, of course, the 1799 Strafford Town House, at the head of the Strafford Common, is one of Vermont’s most photographed buildings. 

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President Chester Arthur State Historic Site 

  • The President Chester A. Arthur Walking Trail: Developed by the students at the Fairfield Elementary School, this trail explores the woods surrounding the site.

For more information check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 802-828-3051.