Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the restrooms? 

An ADA accessible restroom is located on the main floor.  Another restroom is on the second floor.

Why is this site and Windsor called “The Birthplace of Vermont”? 

In January 1777, representatives of the New Hampshire Grants met in Westminster, VT, declared their independence from Great Britain, and called their new state “New Connecticut.”  On June 4, 1777 a group of 72 delegates from New Connecticut gathered in Windsor and, following the advice of supporters in Pennsylvania, changed the name of their state to “Vermont.”  Vermont’s first constitution was adopted in this tavern, and so the building as well as the town of Windsor in general, became known as The Birthplace of Vermont. 

Was the Old Constitution House always at this location? 

The tavern, once owned by Elijah West, formerly stood on Main Street, in the middle of the village.  The building was moved to a side street when it was converted into a tenement house in 1870.  As part of the building’s early 20th century restoration, it was moved to its present location – once again on Main Street – on land donated by the Evarts family.

Does the tavern look like it did in 1777? 

Although much of the footprint of the original tavern remains, colonial revival elements were added when the building was restored in 1914.  These include the front porch, new fireplace mantels, and one of the two original front doors converted into a window.  Also, the tea room was added at that time. The Old Constitution House is an excellent example of what might be called “early 20th century preservation philosophy.”

What objects are original to the tavern? 

Most of the original contents of the tavern were dispersed during the course of the 19th century.  However, many early and significant objects were donated by area families and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  These include the tavern table which is believed to be the one around which the delegates gathered to adopt the Constitution in 1777. 

What else is there to do in the area? 

We recommend a number of nearby attractions (East Central Vermont Heritage Sites: American Precision Museum, Billings Farm & Museum, Justin Morrill Homestead, President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, VINS, Woodstock Historical Society).  Shopping and lodging in Windsor, Ludlow, Woodstock, White River Junction/West Lebanon. 

Area chambers of commerce can provide additional information.  We are members of the following chambers:

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