Several period rooms help interpret the story of a late 18th century New England tavern.  Revolutionary War artifacts are on display, including a rare copy of the sermon delivered at the opening of the Windsor Convention in 1777.  

Permanent exhibits:

A Free and Independent State

Examines Vermont’s formative years, from the struggle for political independence to statehood in 1791.  It focuses on the Constitution which was adopted at this site, formerly a tavern, on July 8, 1777.  A far-reaching and progressive document, this was the first constitution in America to prohibit slavery, and the first to establish universal manhood suffrage and a system of public schools.

Welcome Resort of Weary Travelers

Reveals the Old Constitution House as a typical tavern of the time catering to the comfort of travelers and serving as a vital community hub.  The display examines what tavern patrons could expect for lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, and the source of the latest news of the day.