The Music Room

The Music Room: This room was labeled “Library” on Morrill’s original house plans.  In 1859, when the current library was constructed, this room was built about four feet longer to allow a corridor to the library addition.  This room then became the “music room” or an informal parlor.  The piano is original to the house and was played by both Ruth and her sister, Louise.  In the house are sheet music and a bound music book of popular late nineteenth century. The portrait of Justin Morrill over the piano was painted by Montpelier artist Thomas Waterman Wood and is one of two painted of Morrill by Wood in 1894.  Wood was the President of the National Academy of Design.  The small painting of the Morrill dog, Trump, was painted by Wood at the same time.  The chandelier held kerosene lamps.  Under the small love seat is the game of Bagatelle.  The magazine holder is called a Canterbury and is a nice Gothic piece recommended by Downing.  The room would have been heated by a wood stove.