Wilder Barns:

From Break of Day ‘til Twilight: Farm Life in Plymouth Notch

Examines Vermont farm life at the turn of the 20th century.  It features the Coolidge site’s premier collection of early agricultural equipment. 

Plymouth Cheese Factory:

Say (VT) Cheese! 

Tells the story of cheesemaking in Vermont, focusing on the history of the distinctive granular curd Plymouth Cheese.  The exhibit includes the original vats, presses, and other equipment of the 1890 Plymouth Cheese Factory.  

Summer White House Office:

Coolidge Hall examines the use of this large hall for dances, Grange meetings and other community events, but most famously as President Coolidge’s 1924 Summer White House office.  The hall has its original furnishings including the desks made especially for the President’s use that summer and the instruments of the “Plymouth Old Time Dance Orchestra.” 

Coolidge Homestead:

Each room in the Coolidge Homestead has an interpretive label that explains the use of the room and notable objects.

Coolidge Birthplace:

This historic house has its original furnishings, including the bed in which Calvin Coolidge was born, a complete set of “Frog City” chairs made by a Coolidge ancestor, a “nanny bench,” family silver and ceramics, and a desk brought to town by Captain John who served in the Revolutionary War.   

Coolidge Farm Shop:

This small building is set up as a typical late 19th century farmer’s workshop, complete with all the tools necessary for the repair and maintenance of the farm’s equipment. 

Aldrich House:

These exhibits examine the history of the house – once the home of Calvin Coolidge’s stepmother, Carrie Brown, and later of Plymouth’s first cheese maker and his family.  Special attention is given to the cheese maker’s daughter, Ruth “Midge” Aldrich, who operated a profitable tea room, gift shop, and nearby tourist cabins during the first part of the 20th century. 

Plymouth Notch Walking Trails:

East Meadow Nature Trail 

The trail, approximately one mile long, begins at the edge of the lawn behind and to the north of the Coolidge Museum and Education Center.  It leads through the meadow at the foot of East Mountain, crossing the stream where President Coolidge once fished.  A map is available in a small box at the beginning of the trail and at the reception desk in the Museum and Education Center.

Old Cellar Hole Walking Trail 

This trail, approximately ½ mile long, begins just to the west of the schoolhouse.  It goes past the remains of a sugar house, old stone walls, and the cellar hole of the Moore Blanchard Farmhouse.  A map is available in a small box at the beginning of the trail and at the reception desk in the Museum and Education Center.