Chimney Point Exhibits

Salmon and People in a Changing World. For the 2019 International Year of the Salmon, Chimney Point hosts this traveling exhibit from the Lake Champlain Basin Program and Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership. The exhibit covers the successful reintroduction of the Atlantic Salmon into Lake Champlain. 

A Brush with Nature: The Art of Lillian Kennedy. This exhibit uses art and words to explain the process of landscape painting, showing anyone can integrate it into their life. Related workshops on August 10.

Crossing Paths and Point of Contact. Exhibits on the Native American, French Colonial, English, and early American history of the area incorporate archaeological findings from the Lake Champlain Bridge.

Outdoor Exhibit

Chimney Point History Trail: A short walking trail with interpretive signs around the Chimney Point grounds.  Topics include evidence of the earliest human habitation 9,000 years ago, Native American history and use of this strategic location, the 1731 French fort and French occupation, the 1790s redware pottery of Moses Bradley, archaeology under the 1929 Lake Champlain bridge, and the history and engineering of the bridge.   

What Lies Beneath:  9,000 Years of History at Chimney Point:  Highlights of the exciting archeological findings from the 2009-2013 Lake Champlain Bridge project are presented in this exhibit by the University of Vermont Consulting Archeology Program and guest curator Kate Kenny.  See evidence of the 9,000 years of human habitation and why Chimney Point has been such a strategic location on Lake Champlain.