Bennington Monument Exhibits

Permanent exhibit on ground floor of the Monument:

First Hand Accounts panelFirst Hand Accounts:

This exhibit of several six foot long panels give the illusion of being in the camps and on the battlefields, mingling with the soldiers and eavesdropping on their conversations about the battle.  This exhibit and many activities at the Monument have been developed by The Friends of the Bennington Battle Monument.

Diorama – Designed by Paul Winters:

This exhibit depicts the Second Engagement of the Battle of Bennington, showing John Stark and Seth Warner on their mounts leading the Colonial soldiers against the German Regiment.

The Man and His Monument and Rising Ten Feet A Week:

This exhibit has two descriptive panels, one that provides insight on how the design of the Monument came about and the other depicting the Monument in various stages of construction.

Be a Part of History: 

This exhibit has two journals side by side, one in a glass case, exactly one hundred years old, is next to the present day journal for visitors to enter their signatures into history.