Permanent exhibit in the house:

Perminent exhibt at the President Chester Arthur State Historic Site

Chester Alan Arthur

Vermont’s Other President examines the life and career of the 21st President of the United States.

Fairfield Baptist Church 

This brick church is located about a mile from the historic site and is on the site of the church where the father of Chester Arthur served as preacher.  This building is owned by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and is open for viewing when the historic site is open. 

The President Chester A. Arthur Walking Trail

This trail was developed by the students at the Fairfield Elementary School and explores the woods at the historic site.

Fairfield Town Hall has a small museum dedicated to President Chester Arthur

Open: Monday, Tuesdsay, Thursday and Friday - 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
          and Wednesday - 10:30 am- 5:30 pm.  

Address: 25 North Road
              Fairfield, VT