Chester Arthur Books

Chester Alan Arthur: The American Presidents Series: The 21st President, 1881-1885 

The Gilded Age bon vivant who became America's unlikeliest chief executive and who presided over a sweeping reform of the system that nurtured him, Chester Alan Arthur never dreamed that one day he would be president of the United States. A successful lawyer, Arthur had been forced out as the head of the Custom House of the Port of New York in 1877 in a power struggle between the two wings of the Republican Party. He became such a celebrity that he was nominated for vice president in 1880-despite his never having run for office before. (Karabell, Zachary) - $18.00

Gentleman Boss: The Life of Chester Alan Arthur 

High school history books tell you Chester "Chet" Arthur was a "dandy", a machine politician and an accidental president, but little more. This highly readable, very informative and interesting biography adds much historical flesh to the bare-bones treatment Arthur gets in text books. A man who is all but a caricature to generations of students is made fully human, with all the positives and negatives that entails. And while chronicling the president's life the author also chronicles a fascinating era in American political history, the day when the party bosses ruled and presidential candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms and not in state primaries; primaries may be more democratic, but they sure are a lot less interesting to read about. If you enjoy presidential history, add this book to your library. (Reeves, thomas) - $30.00

America's Lawyer-Presidents: From Law Office to Oval Office

How have the legal careers of twenty-five American presidents shaped their presidencies? Of America's forty-three presidents, twenty-five have been lawyers. These are but a few of the fascinating stories about the legal careers of America's lawyer-presidents. Yet, these stories have largely been untold--until now. America's Lawyer-Presidents sheds light on the legal backgrounds of each of these chief executives and how their experiences as lawyers impacted and shaped their presidencies. Written by historians and presidential scholars and featuring an engaging and image-rich presentation, America's Lawyer-Presidents provides new insights into our national leaders and their lives and times, from colonial days to the present. (Gross, Norman - editor and O'Connor, Sandra Day - foreword) - $25.00