Vermont Archaeology

September is Vermont Archaeology Month

Studying the layers of history at Chimney Point State Historic SiteDo you love history and archaeology? Or, maybe you just want to learn more?  During each September we celebrate archaeology and history throughout the month. Make a note in your September 2014 calendar!  We are now starting to plan Vermont Archaeology Month 2014. Email us at if you have ideas to share.

Check out our September 2013 Calendar of Events to get a glimpse of the types of great programs to which you can look forward.

Participate in digs, walking tours, talks, exhibits, and other hands-on fun and learning throughout the month. More than fourty programs are scheduled and most events are free. Vermont Archaeology Month showcases our remarkable history and priceless sense of place, while also providing interesting and fun educational and outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Discovering Vermont Archaeology

Vermont has a remarkably rich and diverse archaeological heritage that spans almost 13,000 years of human history. Sites range from Native American campsites used by Paleo-Indians (the earliest Vermonters), to 12th century Native American farming sites (the earliest known in northern New England), to Revolutionary War shipwrecks, to 19th century farmsteads and industrial sites.Fluted Point

Vermont's archaeological sites are a crucial link with much of our past. Archaeological sites are often the only source of information for the longest part of human history in Vermont. Our archaeological sites can also inform us about past environments, landscape changes, climatic changes, and the ways in which Native people successfully adapted to such changes over millennia.

Please visit our Archaeology in Vermont page for more information

Vermont Archaeology Heritage Center

Archaeology Heritage Center Artifacts

Artifacts and other cultural materials recovered from archaeological sites tell the untold stories about 13,000 years of Vermont history, most of it unwritten.  Students, scholars, and volunteers are now better able to research Vermont history by handling and examining artifacts of all ages - - ancient and more modern - - at the Center. The Center sponsors a range of educational programs and projects, both at the Center and around the state.

Vermont Archaeology Partners

The Division for Historic Preservation works closely with various partners to identify, preserve, protect, interpret, and manage Vermont's archaeological heritage. 
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Preservation Trust of Vermont    
The Archaeological Conservancy 
University of Vermont
Vermont Archaeological Society
Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs    
Vermont Historical Society
Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
Vermont Land Trust 

The following organizations offer a rich array of interesting information about archaeology.

National Park Service Heritage Preservation Division 
Society for American Archeology   
Society for Historical Archaeology