18th Annual Northeastern Open Atlatl Championship

Atlatl competitors retrieving their spears after shooting at painted animal targetsParticipate in or watch this annual championship.   The sport of atlatl throwing is based on the ancient hunting technique of using the atlatl or spear thrower.  Demonstrations and workshops on flint knapping, Woodland pottery, and other crafts and skills.  Vermont Archeology Month program.   

Saturday, September 21  9:30: Museum opens.  10:00-4:00: demonstrations of Woodland pottery making with Charlie Paquin, flint knapping with Barry Keagan, and atlatl, cordage making and more with Thunderbird Atlatl. 

10:30 until: finished atlatl competition.  $6.00 on site fee for competitors (pre-registration at $5.00 each is urged).  Girls, boys, women, and men’s categories.  All skills and abilities welcome.  International Standards Accuracy Competition first, then shooting at painted animal targets to test accuracy, and lastly distance.    

               Sunday, September 22  10:00: small International Standards Accuracy Competition, followed by master coaching for those who want to learn or improve (approx. 11:00-Noon).  11:00-3:00:  Intermediate workshop on primitive skills, including pottery and flint knapping, with Charlie Paquin, Barry Keagan, and Robert Berg.  Workshop pre-registration appreciated.  Observers welcome. 1:00:  Walkabout tour of the Chimney Point site to learn about the archaeological findings for the Lake Champlain Bridge project.  Wear sturdy shoes.  All included in admission fee. 

Event LocationChimney Point, Addison

Fee:  Adult: $4.00; children under 15: free.  Includes event and admission to museum.

Registration:  Pre-registration for competition is urged. Saturday competition fee:  $5.00 in advance, $6.00 on side on event day.  Sunday International Standards Accuracy second day competition:  $5.00.   Call 802-759-2412 for more information.  

2013 Competitor Registration Form

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 21, 2013: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm